Uribike-UBK, Loiola Ander Deuna Kalea, 30 lonja, izquierda, 48600 Sopelana, Biscay +34944 65 50 76 +34685 75 04 90 uribike.ubk@gmail.com MOn-Fri: 11:00am - 14:00pm, 17:00am - 20:00pm Sat: 11:00am - 14:00pm


Cruise along the Basque Country's stunning coastline on a scenic bike ride with URIBIKE UBK!
Our rentals are perfect for both casual riders and cycling enthusiasts. Explore charming seaside towns, feel the spray of the ocean on your face, and challenge yourself on exhilarating off-road trails.
We also offer smooth paved roads ideal for road cycling adventures.
Rent your bike today and discover the beauty of the Basque Country on two wheels!

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